How To Save Money On Your AC Bill

Summer in Phoenix, Arizona is quickly approaching! You'll want to make sure your AC unit is in tip top shape to keep you comfortable without breaking the bank. Here are a few summer money saving tips from an Arizona Native!

1. Don't turn your AC off when you leave. Try this instead!

Contrary to the popular belief, turning off your AC when you leave for the day is not the best way to save money. You'll rack up that bill when you come home, crank the AC back on and cool the entire house again. Try turning the AC up 4-6 degrees when you leave instead.

2. Run your fans counterclockwise

Running your ceiling fan counterclockwise pushes cool air down. The breeze on your skin can make it feel up to 8 degrees cooler in fact! Remember to turn off those fans when you leave. Fans cool people and pets but they do not cool places!

3. Put that outdoor BBQ to use!

Any avid chef knows the oven can cause your kitchen to heat up quickly! Take the opportunity to enjoy summer BBQ's. You may also want to run the cleaning cycle on your oven before the hottest months get here.

4. Have your AC serviced before the summer rush

"Don't fix it if it ain't broken!" You've heard the saying, right? You'll want to break that rule when it comes to your AC unit. Call your preferred AC professional just before peak season. If your AC goes out in the middle of summer, you could be looking at higher costs and long wait times for servicing and repairs!

5. Cover up that great view

If you're really trying to save money on your AC bill during the summer, closing all the blinds and shutters can be a great help. Although most of us love letting the natural light in, the summer sun can cost you!

6. Be sure your thermostat is installed in the correct place

Install your thermostat away from anything that may impact the reading. If it is installed right next to a TV, lamp or in the direct sun it will register a higher reading.

7. Be patient

Turning your thermostat way down will not actually make it cool down faster. It will only make your AC run longer.

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